Julie (29) is a norwegian photographer based in Oslo, Norway.
Her photos are inspired by her love for nature and natural lighting, by the curves of a body and the lines in a face.
Julie likes to tell stories with her photos, and enjoys discovering new places and traveling.

As well as ten years of professional photography she also works with videography. She is engaged in human rights work, volunteer work, animal rights, documentaries and her own personal video projects.

She is a camera woman and photographer for Fuuse.net* founded by award-winning film director, artist and activist Deeyah Khan.
– and made a video series called Fuuse Voices in 2015 until 2018.
Also working on projects like World Woman festival, the award-winning digital magazine Sisterhood and the documentary Islam’s Non Believers (world premiere on ITV)
Link to Fuuse Voices
Link to Sisterhood videos

*Fuuse is an independent media and arts production company that tells the stories of those often silenced or ignored by the media. Fuuse exists to make heard the voices of women, people from minorities and third culture kids, to encourage debate and to celebrate diversity.
Read more about Fuuse here

Julie have had several photo exhibitions in Oslo the past couple of years, and she’s constantly working on new projects.
Photo-art is a big passion, and a collection of her photos are now for sale at
Oslo Nowhere and Featuring Spaces.

In may 2017 she had her very first official screening on a personal film project. The video was made from a week as a volunteer in a Syrian refugee camp in northern Greece in 2016. The film is called ´”Inshallah”
Link to video